Benefits of Hiking in modern life

Hiking today is being directed by many Americans. It is a trend of outdoor travel that helps you discover beautiful nature, love the earth & understand the importance of Hiking for modern life.

One day, I suddenly realized that life in the city is boring. The atmosphere is suffocating and the pressures of modern life. I went on the Internet and searched for beautiful places for my hike. And discover many beautiful places. Here are the benefits of Hiking that I suddenly realized


  1. Hiking is good for the heart

It can be affirmed that hiking is very good for cardiovascular performance. A light hike can also raise your heart rate to a moderate level, while also helping to improve endurance and fitness. Regularly going trekking, climbing mountains, your body adapts to high intensity then you can move faster, longer without feeling exhausted.

Hiking can also improve heart health-related metrics like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Studies have shown that regular walking can significantly reduce high blood pressure, improve glucose tolerance, and lower bad cholesterol levels over time. And trekking, climbing is a great form of hiking combined with travel – a must try!

So, if you want to improve or enhance your heart health, and also love nature and are passionate about traveling – Try mountain climbing – trekking, you will surely love it!


  2. Hiking helps reduce stress

There are many studies that support the view that: When in contact with nature, people become happier and more mentally comfortable. When witnessing firsthand the first rays of the dawn, the romance of the sunset, the mystery of the night, or simply the branches and grass by the roadside, the trekkers’ happiness index increases. significantly. And of course, there will be no more life stress, no more work stress when you take the first step in these journeys.

On the other hand, once you step foot in the forest, there is no longer a job, no longer a bustling city, the boss can’t find a friend to assign work :), instead, it is campaign to eliminate waste energy. polarity, connecting with people around, no tension will be able to survive.

In today’s digital world, when depression, or inner life becomes common, people are further apart, and people’s stress index is getting higher and higher, trekking – mountain climbing is a sport. Combining travel will be an effective solution to this problem.


3. Hiking separates you from the technological life

Of course, because when climbing mountains or entering the forest, there will be no wifi, no electricity – It can be seen as returning to that life back then in the style of trekking.

Nowadays, when working, people sit at the computer for at least 8 hours, when they come home, they watch TV, when they go out with friends, some people are glued to their phones. It can be said that the ability to connect people with people is at a very low level. But when participating in climbing, going into the forest without technology (except GPS), besides sitting and talking to each other to understand each other better, people are more open, more comfortable, and these are certainly relationships. good system when you return to the current scientific and technical life.

Besides, when you communicate more with people, along with your journey to conquering the roads to break your limits, you will have more life skills, and be comfortable enough to feel more confident. in what I do, more confident in life.

  4. Hiking & trekking helps improve sleep

Science has proven that regular exercise helps reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality. There can be 2 main causes, one is when the body needs more rest, this helps you fall asleep more easily and have a deeper sleep. At the same time, when going mountain climbing, trekking, we are always comfortable, relaxed, no longer worried and less stressed – this also helps you fall asleep easier, sleep quality is also better. . And of course, after the quality sleep is the productive working hours, life will become easier and more meaningful.

Some other theories suggest that getting natural light has a positive effect on your sleep. As Shawn Stevenson once said in his book Sleep Smarter, he argues that exposure to light especially in the morning is an important factor in helping to synthesize Melatonin – a sleep hormone at night.

So if you want to have a good night’s sleep, think about trying a trekking trip!

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